Emily Dennis  sings and dances "I Can't do it Alone."  Then Pat, Chris, Andrew, and Meg knock 'em dead. 6/22/2015

Alex Kidder makes us all cry with "Nothing in Common."  3/14/2016

A brief moment from Andrew.

Rocky Paterra sings "Gravity" and Pat deals with his own gravity problems.  1/18/2016

Melissa D'Anna sings "History of Wrong Guys."  6/22/2015

Slaney Rose Jordan sings "Another Life" then Meg, Chris, and Andrew bring that life forth.  6/8/2015

Serena Berman sings "Driving with the Top Down." 6/22/2015

Emily sings "14 G", then Andrew works out some issues on bagpipes.  6/22/2015

Kelsey Martin sings "Landslide". 5/18/2015

Staci Jo Johnston tells everyone about her "Party Dress." 6/8/2015

Grace Bennett sings "New York Do You Care".  5/18/2015


David Raposo's version of "A Miracle Would Happen" leads Chris and the cast on an unexpected journey.  4/20/205

Claire Elise Walton opens April 20 with "I Could Be Jewish For You" and Andrew worries about his "qualifications". 4/20/2015

Amy Lang sings "Note From Linda" then the cast improvises a hilarious time travel scene. 4/20/2015